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Michael T. Canan

Our training is highly recommended because of Michael’s impressive credentials. He has been a Trainer, Senior Trainer, and Dealer Advisor for the JM&A Group for the past 16 years and has won the “Trainer of the Year” award a record four times during his tenure. Additionally, Michael has authored or co-authored much of the material being trained and played a significant role in landing major accounts such as Asbury Automotives F/I Training for the newly acquired Larry Miller stores and Volvo Financial. What sets Michael apart is his extensive retail experience of over 30 years, with expertise on the variable side of the dealership. He began his career selling cars at a Ford dealership in 1991 and worked his way up to becoming a General Manager in the Dealer group Nissan franchise in 1999. Within four months, he moved the dealership from operating in the red to being profitable. After a year, he was transferred to one of the Dealer groups, Ford Dealerships, where he had similar success. Michael’s knowledge, facilitation skills, enthusiasm, and strong relationships with his dealers make him one of the most requested trainers.

vernon swords

Vernon brings over 40 years in the automotive retail business to MVP Consulting. Vernon Started in 1982 at a Ford dealership at ground level, changing oil and tires, light maintenance, and cleaning the shop. He moved into the parts department three years later as a shipping receiver before moving to the counter. After a few years, Vernon moved into a management position within the parts department. Vernon has held management positions in parts and service as a fixed operation director over multiple dealerships within a large automotive group of 20-plus stores in 5 states. I specialize in sales and inventory control. He reduced the group’s idol parts inventory by over 2 million dollars over three years.

Vernon also founded www.fdealerco-op.com and later sold that service. Vernon founded Fdealer in January of 1998 and consists of over 5000 Ford dealers and Ford dealer employees. Fdealer members’ representation is from every state in the US and every Province of Canada.

michael & Vernon

Michael & Vernon worked together in retail at the same Ford store and developed a quick relationship in aiding each other in understanding total dealership operations. Vernon’s Fixed Operations expertise and Michael’s variable knowledge worked together for 30 years to develop strategies to improve dealership operations.

In 1999 Vernon approached Michael with a parts exchange business model. Both worked on it for over a year before bringing in investors. Vernon ran Dealer Parts Trader for five years before selling it to OE Connections.

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